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Life Coaching

No one is an expert in life, and I won’t say that I’m better at it than anyone else. What I can say, though, is that the experiences I’ve gone through over time have shaped me to be the person that I am today. Now, that doesn’t mean I’m a perfect person or make all the right decisions – but those experiences enhance what I bring to my clients in a way that can inspire, show empathy, and (let’s be honest with ourselves) can even be pretty funny at times.

Whether you need career, life, or business advice, help making a tough decision in line with your goals, or just help figuring out whether you look fat in those jeans, I’d love to be there for you. If you have questions and want to get started, please get in touch and I can give you some more information on what my life coaching provides!

"The greatest part about my experience with Mikey is he's been consistently there through thick and thin. Whether I've got hard questions I need help figuring out the answers to, or want to reflect on "interesting" situations - he's always been there to lean on. Keep up the good work, Mikey, you put the smiles on dozens of peoples' faces every day!"
James Costa